game dev course for the metaverse co-creators

take your place on the first full-fledged metaverse game development course from industry pros, develop career-defining skills while playing a key role shaping the future of web3 gaming, and create your own game in the sandbox metaverse in just 2 months


Who will benefit

if you are interested in crypto and metaverse and want to become a co-creator

if you have experience in classic game development and want to get web3 dev skills

if you want to get experience in metaverse game design and learn how to monetize it

if you want to build your own metaverse games, enjoy and improve community interaction

suitable for users of all backgrounds

no code game development
step-by-step game dev practice
lectures with structured information

on the sandbox

This course is based on the sandbox - the metaverse where users can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. moreover, the sandbox is well-known for the phenomenal support it gives to users – multi-million usd grant payments for co-creators, consultancies, project promotion, etc.


Overview education assists young talents by guiding them on their path to becoming experts in the web3 gaming industry, as well as by providing many insightful and exciting opportunities tailored to creators of their caliber. with an industry mentor as your guide, you’ll master the fundamentals of nfts, metaverse, game design and accomplish real growth. after completing the course, with mentors' help, you'll build your own game and pitch it to the community.

the training format has flexible schedules, online lectures, a personal mentor, and feedback sessions to help catalyze your progress.

join us, and start your professional journey in an environment that thrives on imagination and innovation to create tomorrow’s entertainment with seamless support and industry insight from our online community.

Form of study


duration of study

2 months

Learning format

2 lecture and 1 feedback per week


no prior experience needed


How it works

learn from
intro lesson
learn from
game design lessons
Practice based on our
Metaverse Game
get individual
feedback on homework
pitch ideas
to the community
get feedback
on progress
from mentors
create your
own game

Course structure

theory of game design


game designers - types, roles, and required skills


game mechanics - core loop, meta loop, gameplay


game design documents - how to create, and support


game entities - types of opponents, weapons, interactive objects


narrative design – game story and experience

practice of game design


deconstruct your favorite game


create your unique game concept


design the game loop


make a set of game entities


describe your game world


Our own educational game

you'll start the practical part of your course by working with our educational game in the sandbox metaverse. it's the best option to help you to understand game mechanics, work with assets, real opportunities of the metaverse games, and the basics of the ux design.

Pitch project

you can pitch your project not only to course instructors (and get feedback) but also to the community of crypto investors, developers, and players. if your project succeeds — you can find investors and/or co-founders for further development.

your project
pitch to

pitch for





and get


investors and/or

Monetize skills

part of the course is devoted to monetizing your experience in the metaverse. we discuss the most effective methods to interact with the community, ways to find investments, and options to participate in initiatives that support game designers such as:

Game Maker Fund from Sandbox

usd 1 billion for funding game creators’ projects

game jams

usd tens of thousands for winners of countless blockchain game jams


at the end

create a design concept for your metaverse game

build your own game in the sandbox

publish your own game

pitch your project to the community

crystal shadow

Course creators

at — the educational platform from metaguild and mango educational center — we combine the efforts of professionals from crypto, gaming, web3, education, and venture capital to have a lasting positive influence on the video game ecosystem and inspire metaverse enthusiasts and co-creators to pursue their dreams in technology and turn their passion into expertise


proven nft and blockchain gaming expertise

collective of metaverse artists and developers

wide community of investors

metaguild is a decentralized community of investors, crypto enthusiasts, and gamers united by one goal: to expand the metaverse and develop play-to-earn games. the metaguild team is engaged in filling and visualizing the metaverse, as well as solving a wide range of related tasks.


authorized training center

Thousands of graduates

Skilled mentors

mango educational center is one of the key computer graphics and game development educators in the cis countries. since starting operations in 2014, mango has helped thousands of people to learn and practice new skills

professional mentors


David OConnor

Course Instructor

david is a game developer with 10 years of experience and manager on ‘ghost of a tale’, the successful and well-reviewed indie videogame (pc, xbox, playstation, and nintendo). he has run training at several multinational organizations, including kpmg and lincoln college. david’s qualifications include an mba (university of stirling), a business degree, and project management certification.


Dzmitry Drynau

education project manager

dzmitry is the founder of the first training center for game development in eastern europe. he has led and managed educational game development projects for more than 6 years. Also, through the center, he has organized and managed a game project incubator. dzmitry is a successful full-stack developer with 8 years of experience.


Alex Simankov

Course program creator

alex is a skilled game developer with more than 7 years in the industry and a number of successfully published games. he started his career as a level designer with playrix, and now works as lead game designer with vaveda games. alex’s experience includes supervising game projects created by students at polygon game lab.



Course program creator

rasim is co-founder of the first guild of web3 gaming – metaguild. He also co-founded rasim has 10+ years of product design and ui/ux experience, 6+ years of experience managing creative department in an advertising agency, and 4+ years of experience in crypto and metaverse



P2E expert

sandro is co-founder and coo of metaguild. he has 10 years of poker experience, with 5 years in crypto and 2 in community management. for 3 years, he performed research into nft and play-to-earn games. sandro worked for 1 year as a game moderator in the sandbox



NFT & P2E expert

kartoha is a lead game analyst in metaguild. he is professional game player in international cybersport team with a lot of experience in game creation (including web3)

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