introducing the metaverse and the fundamentals of the sandbox game dev

a webinar from industry experts – you can learn more about basics of game development for the sandbox, metaverse co-creators and their opportunities, and how to get started with metaverse game development.


on the sandbox

This webinar is based on the sandbox - the metaverse where users can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. moreover, the sandbox is well-known for the phenomenal support it gives to users – multi-million usd grant payments for co-creators, consultancies, project promotion, etc.


Topics we cover

Basics of the Metaverse

creation of NFTs (assets)

The Sandbox metaverse

Game design in Metaverse

Step-by-step game creation

who will benefit

if you are interested in crypto and metaverse, and want to become a co-creator

if you have experience in classic game development, and want to get web3 dev skills

if you want to get experience in metaverse game design, and learn how to monetize it


Webinar structure


blockchain and metaverse basics, and overviewing the most popular ones


fungible and non-fungible tokens, with a marketplaces overview


how metaverse games are made


features of the game maker game engine from the sandbox


game mechanics, level design, dialogues, and game quests


how to monetize metaverse experience


about the full course


Want to learn more about Game design in the metaverse? has a fully-structured game development course for the sandbox. You can learn how to:

create and publish your own games in the metaverse

monetize your skills as a metaverse co-creator

Webinar hosts


David OConnor

Course Instructor

david is a game developer with 10 years of experience and manager on ‘ghost of a tale’, the successful and well-reviewed indie videogame (pc, xbox, playstation, and nintendo). he has run training at several multinational organizations, including kpmg and lincoln college. david’s qualifications include an mba (university of stirling), a business degree, and project management certification.



NFT & P2E expert

kartoha is a lead game analyst in metaguild. he is professional game player in international cybersport team with a lot of experience in game creation (including web3)


Mystery guest

from the Sandbox Game Maker Fund

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you will get

Game development guide
live training on how to build games
access to private game dev materials

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